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Tips for Pure HTV 

Thickness (μm): 80±10
Blade (Level): 1
Temperature (℃): 150-160
Time (Seconds): 8-12
Peel: Cool


1.Mirror/Reverse your image design and place vinyl (gloss side) onto cutting mat.
2.Cut your favorite design with the craft cutter or other carving machines.  For pure vinyl, we recommend to set 1 level blade.
3. Weed the excess material from the design.
4. Apply the target design with iron, recommendations for this transfer: (Temperature: 150℃(302℉) to 160℃(320℉) Pressure: Medium, Time: 8 ~ 15 seconds ).
5.Disperse the iron's heat evenly.
6. For Pure HTV, recommend to peel off gently after it cool down.

Suitable for a wide range of fabrics such as Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Rayon and Cotton/Poly Blends. 
Hand wash your fabric gently with mild detergent
Wait 24 hours after application to wash
Turn the article of clothing inside before you wash it
No bleach

Pure colour heat transfer vinyl

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